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This notice hereby confirms that

Leonard Aguiar
PMB 149
3721 S. Westnedge Ave.

is an ordained member of the clergy of
The Church of Spiritual Humanism
Date of Ordination: February 2, 2005
Ordained by R. A. Zorger, President


The Church of Spiritual Humanism is happy to inform you that your ordination
request has been reviewed and approved, and you are now an officially ordained
clergy member.

We are now offering our members ordination certificates, clergy wallet ID cards,
blank certificates for various ceremonies, and "The Officiate's
Manual" which contains lots of useful information for new clergy members.
Many clergy members find these items useful when performing their religious
services. There are three different packages to choose from.

Basic Clergy Pack - $14.95

Advanced Clergy Pack - $39.95

Deluxe Clergy Pack - $89.95

For more information and to order one of these packages visit our web site:

You are now entitled to all privileges and courtesies normally offered to
ordained members of the clergy. The record of your ordination has been entered
into the official permanent records of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.
Ordinations by the Church of Spiritual Humanism are for life, and are awarded
completely free and without monetary charge.

Please print or otherwise preserve this notice for your records.

As an ordained member of the clergy, you are hereby authorized by the CSH to
officiate religious rites and ceremonies, including marriage, baby naming,
funeral services, invocations, and holiday ceremonies, as permitted and subject
to the laws and regulations of your country, state, and municipality. It is
important that before you officiate any civil ceremony (such as marriages), you
know and comply with all laws governing your locality.

The Church of Spiritual Humanism promotes religion based on reason. As a member
of the CSH clergy it is your charge to strive to base your actions on, and
influence others to be motivated by, deliberation and reason and not the
irrational, emotional, or subjective. Furthermore your responsibilities are to
peacefully follow the proper course of action, and to avoid infringing on the
rights of others. You alone are responsible for your actions as a member of the

If you have any question please feel free to email me.

Thanks for helping make the world a better place,

R. A. Zorger, President
Church of Spiritual Humanism