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This AGREEMENT is entered into on this ____ day of ____ 200__ and is between Internet Legal Referrals, Inc. , herein called "ILR, Inc" AND the following listed individual, herein called "CLIENT":

(Client name) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

CLIENT agrees to pay ILR, Inc $__________USD for assistance in the matter specified above. Since ILR, Inc begins work on your annulment immediately after confirmation of payment, it is to be in advance of on demand unless noted below. CLIENT understands that no annulment can be filed or completed until full payment is made.


ILR is a legal referral service. We are not attorneys, but annulment proceedings are handled by experienced and licensed attorneys who are certified in the jurisdiction where they practice law.

ILR agrees to provide all services necessary for CLIENT to obtain a annulment and GUARANTEES that the annulment will be granted. If the annulment is not granted for any reason except CLIENT dishonesty, CLIENT is entitled to a REFUND. The annulment, once granted, will be valid in the jurisdiction where the proceedings are filed and, under the principle of COMITY, will be entitled to receive FULL FAITH AND CREDIT in all jurisdictions countries that recognize the general validity of annulment. There are numerous court cases on file to validate this point. As a further guarantee, in the unlikely event a annulment is ever ruled unacceptable by any court or jurisdiction that recognizes the general validity of annulment,Internet Legal Referrals, Inc. at its option, will either refund 50% or will, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, prepare any and all paperwork needed to correct the situation or, if necessary, even obtain for CLIENT a new annulment that will be acceptable to the non-accepting agency or jurisdiction.

In obtaining any annulment, CLIENT agrees to co-operate with ILR by providing all assistancce and documents which may be required and CLIENT understands and agrees that failure to do so may result in a delay in the completion of the action and/or a termination of assistance by ILR. Should it become necessary to terminate assistance due to lack of CLIENT co-operation, CLIENT understands and agrees that ILR is entitled to full compensation for services rendered up until time of termination. Because ILR specializes in FAST annulment and begins work immediately, CLIENT understands and agrees that no refund will be made in the event he/she simply changes his/her mind.

Circle one

Emergency annulment Mutual Consent------$2,300
Emergency annulment Unilateral----$2,300

Express annulment Mutual Consent----$1,795
Express annulment Unilateral---$1,895

3 Day annulment Mutual Consent--$1,695
3 Day annulment Unilateral--$1,795

1 Week annulment Mutual Consent$1,595
1 Week annulment Unilateral---$1,695

3 Week annulment Mutual Consent---$1495
3 Week annulment Unilateral---$1595

Mutual Consent Layaway-----$995
Unilateral Layaway----$1,100

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